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The AIANY COTE Awards recognizes results-oriented achievements in the urban context. Winning submissions demonstrate processes that culminate in beautiful, timeless and measurable design.

The awards further sustainable design in the architectural profession, make transparent lessons learned, and reveal the process behind true innovation in an urban context.

Established in 2014 by the New York Chapter of AIA’s Committee on the Environment, the program seeks to redefine how design excellence is evaluated. By honoring innovative projects we seek to provide a collective resource to all firms looking to achieve socially and environmentally responsible design.

Connecting the individual experience to a greater context and purpose has always been the role of architecture. Climate change, political stability, energy and water independence, and human health are all responsibilities of the design community. These challenges present new opportunities to enrich the profession — to generate positive impact in the world we build. The awards recognize design that brings us closer to solving the critical issues facing our communities as achieving the highest level of intention possible in the field of architecture.

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